The Office of Civil Discourse & Engagement (CDE) will promote civil discourse within the UCF community and beyond, through programming about different lived experiences and perspectives. CDE is a part of the Ginsburg Center for Inclusion and Community Engagement.

CDE will:

    • Promote civil conversations on issues impacting campus climate
    • Reduce barriers concerning prejudice and intergroup conflicts
    • Civil Discourse & Engagement also encompasses the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) and LGBTQ+ Student Support Services to cover all areas of under-represented communities and exclusivity.


As a UCF student, you are part of a university that prides itself on providing the best opportunities for its attendees. With hundreds of clubs and organizations available for you to join it might be tough to decide how to make your college experience more personal. MSC is here to help you narrow down your choices.

Volunteering is the perfect way to discover and develop skills that will make you stand out after graduation. It allows you to immerse yourself in your community while still being able to decide how you spend your time and what you put your efforts toward.

If you are interested in volunteering outside the UCF community, please feel free to use our list below as a starting point for your community service research.

Other Ways to Get Involved